prof . L. Litov

Specializing course for the students 
specializing in  "Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics"

                The course is an extension of the basic course on Elementary  Particle Physics . The goal is to give wider and deeper description of basic interactions of elementary particles and methods for their experimental investigation. Simultaneously ,  headmost theoretical and experimental results obtained in the  last few years are presented.
                The different  types of symmetry of the fundamental interactions are considered. The description of the interactions using local (gauge) groups of symmetry is presented. The basic concepts of Quantum Chromodynamics the theory of  strong interactions of quarks together with the most important predictions and unsolved problems are considered . The models describing hadron interactions  at low energies are discussed.
                  A vast material is devoted  to the unified  description of electromagnetic and weak interactions .The properties  of intermediate  and Higgs boson are considered in details. A special attention is paid to the precise test of the Standard  Model of strong and electroweak interactions . The experimental results obtained  during the last years  are shown.
                 The models giving an unified description of strong and electroweak  interactions are discussed. The basic ideas of Supersymmetry and the supersymmetric  extensions of The Standard Model are presented . The ongoing experiments testing their predictions are considered in details . The main directions of development of  Elementary Particle Physics are pointed out.